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Dental SEO Advertising For Dentists Vs Traditional Marketing

As we enter a mechanized society, establishing a dental online presence, even if you still partake in traditional advertisement methods, is of great importance. I have had clients that tell me their traditional advertising methods have worked, such as flyers and even sometimes, depending on location, Tv promotional methods. Because of this, they were slightly hesitant to commence SEO, as their methods were in a sense “working” for them. So, why does dental SEO matter? Well, as soon as they started SEO operations with our dental SEO agency, The Dental Climb, they never went back to spending money on traditional advertising. The reasons for this is simple: SEO is consistent, SEO is stable, and SEO can attract not just a local audience on a daily basis, without you having to do any outreach methods for this, but it also reaches a dental audience on a global scale. If you think that traditional advertising works, that is great, but once you establish your presence online with top quality dental website designs that is content focused and heavily optimized, you will begin to see the insurmountable differences that SEO has versus standardized marketing approaches; tactics that are considered to be slightly outworn in comparison to an experienced team providing dental SEO that works.

In this blog, I will be covering all advertising methods for dentists and the noteworthy importance that the SEO approach holds. The reason SEO will be magnified heavily in this blog is due it being the most effective method by at least 5 fold; a claim that will be proven with objective analysis and sources. While you do not need to do SEO, I will still go over why it is imperative, while also going over the success traditional advertising possesses and when it is best to use such methods, along with PPC Google ad success studies. Expert dental SEO specialists who are content focused, and able to design high quality website designs (over 20+ themes) can change the way your dental practice is viewed forever. The pros and cons of traditional marketing tactics will be addressed, as will, despite them being obsolete to none, the cons of SEO. We will also be covering how to optimize each and creative ways to do so so you do not over or underpay for any of them, the results each one can yield you, studies showcasing the conversion rates for each, and how long do SEO ranking results last and the length of traditional dental marketing’s effectiveness.

If you have any questions you would like to ask our dental SEO agency before we start, do not hesitate in giving our team a phone call or emailing us for assistance. We will be happy to accommodate whatever it is that you might be asking, as we take immense pride in commencing dental marketing with transparency and client vision in mind. Even if you do not want our services, you could always ask us for an audit; as our agency provides free audits for your websites. and we will show you the analytical study that comes along with it and the meanings behind all things that make up SEO analytical studies. Without further or do, let us begin covering the importance of Dental SEO advertising for dentists in comparison to traditional dental marketing methods. Despite SEO being very effective, it is still important to weight the potential pros and cons regarding all advertising for dentists methods in order to make a education decision.

Real Results over the horizon

What are some of the ways to advertise a dental practice?

There are a variety of effective ways one might approach dental marketing for their practice. However, it is best to approach dental marketing holistically rather than optimizing one method. Firstly, what are some of the best ways to optimize a dental practice to its fullest? Before we get into comparing traditional dental marketing with search engine optimization, it is best to go over the consensus best ways that dental practices have been able to best optimize their practices around the world. Having a general understanding of the dental marketing industry is of the essence so one has an established idea as to how they want to approach optimizing their online presence, even if it does not involve Google rankings. Without further or do, let us get into it the beginning of this dental marketing guide.

The universal dental marketing practices:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • PPC (Google ads)
  • Traditional Email Marketing outreach (Paid emails)
  • Traditional flyers to local households
  • GMB listing (Google my business)
  • Citations listings (local or regional directories)
  • Schema markup
  • Quality website design
  • backlink outreach

These are the universal dental marketing practices. As one might notice, most all of these methods are under the digital umbrella, rather than traditional marketing strategies one might consider optimizing. There are a handful of studies that vindicate the accepted and proven notion that SEO advertising for dentists is the most optimal approach to helping any company excel; empirical claims that have sources that I shall provide below:

Advertising For Dentists | The Dental Climb

Studies Showcasing The Pros of SEO Advertising For Dentists

  • “How SEO Can Help Dentists Attract New Patients” by HubSpot (2023): This articles study found that 72% of consumers use search engines to find local businesses, and that organic search results are 5.66 times more likely to be clicked on than paid search results.
  • “The Importance of SEO for Dentists in the Digital Age” by Dental Economics (2023): a survey from this website found that 88% of consumers use search engines to find local businesses, and that 74% of consumers use Google Maps to find local businesses.
  • “How SEO Helped This Dental Practice Increase New Patients by 200% in One Year” by Search Engine Journal (2023): This case study discusses how SEO helped a dental practice increase new patients by 200% in one year.
  • “SEO for Dentists: The Definitive Guide” by WordStream (2023): This comprehensive guide to SEO for dentists covers everything from keyword research to content creation to link building.
Advertising For Dentists | The Dental Climb

Key components of digital advertising for dentists

  • backlink outreach
  • website design optimization
  • citations
  • schema
  • on page content
  • GMB listings
  • backlink outreach

It is apparent that an SEO marketing team provides methods that consists of the most the effective digital advertising tactics for dentists out there, and also proven from the studies above, these tools work far better and, if purchased at the right agency, are much more cost effective. However, this does not directly answer the question of “what exactly does a dental digital marketing agency do”? The functions of all of these effective digital advertising for dentists will be covered in great detail, but most importantly the importance’s of each of them, and even more studies to back this empirical rhetoric up:

Why should a dentist use Google my business?

Starting off with GMB, a dentist needs a Google listing profile over all else. What is a google business profile? It is essentially a google map profile with your practices location, pictures, reviews, updates, and performance interaction tracking.

Having a GMB profile signifies to google that your business exists, therefore, rendering it reliable. So yes, a small business, not just professional specialists, need a GMB profile. If you update this profile frequently as well, answer phone calls through it, and have regarded reviews, then Google crawler bots will look at this and regard your website even higher, bolstering your ranking in the process. So, why should a dentist optimize his or her GMB profile goes hand in hand with why a dentist would need a website, indicating the necessity of an online presence for a dental practice.

Advertising For Dentists | The Dental Climb

Citations, backlinks, or schema will be of any effect unless your GMB listing is established. The cost to create a GMB profile is slim to none versus that of flyer and email marketing, and denotes as a much more effective advertising method for dentists, as gaining brand recognition from directories such as yellow pages, yelp, apple, and more can do astronomical numbers to ones practice in itself. Without further or do, here are some studies going over the importance of a GMB listings and how they positively impact advertising for dentists endeavors.


  • “The Importance of Google My Business for Local SEO” by Moz (2023): This study found that GMB is one of the most important ranking factors for local businesses in Google search results. The study also found that GMB profiles can help businesses to improve their click-through rate (CTR) from Google Maps search results by up to 70%.
  • “How Google My Business Can Help You Attract More Customers” by HubSpot (2023): This study found that businesses with a GMB profile are more likely to be visited by customers (29%) and more likely to be contacted by customers (28%). The study also found that GMB profiles can help businesses to improve their brand awareness and reputation.
  • “GMB vs. Traditional Marketing for Local Businesses: Which is More Effective?” by Local Search Association (2023): This study compared the effectiveness of GMB marketing and traditional marketing for local businesses. The study found that GMB marketing is more effective than traditional marketing in terms of generating leads, increasing website traffic, and driving sales.

The significance becomes apparent. One mostly cost free listing can change the way your entire practice is viewed completely, and the best part is here is that you do not have to spend thousands of dollars creating flyers or letters, or spend thousands of even more dollars to mass email marketing companies, whose emails might go unnoticed or even ignored by companies they outreach to.

Dental marketing companies exist to circumvent the strenuous process of creating flyers and other bothersome marketing practices, and one of the starting points companies commence with is GMB. This approach is not technically advertising for dentists, rather, an implementation used to best receive digital advertisements, as without GMB, credible link building companies will not link to you, nor will any citation listing. I will cover what those terms signify shortly, as I am aware the terms can be confusing to most people that do not specialize in daily SEO practices.

Advertising For Dentists | The Dental Climb

Why Schema, Citations, and Backlinks are of higher regard than traditional ads

The reason I grouped these three aspects of dental SEO advertising for dentists together is because they signify to search engines like Google the importance of your website, on top of your GMB listing.

GMB listings are essentially free to create, however, in order for them to be optimized, your brand needs to go farther than just GMB listings, for citations, schema, and backlinking are also of great importance that not only have been proven to be effective, but at the right dental SEO agency, can provide these services at a far more inexpensive cost than the “door to door” outworn advertising methods.

The reason that traditional advertising is less effective than digital advertising for dentists is for the simple fact that Citations, Backlinks, and schema reach a wider audience than flyers, email outreach, etc in itself.

Put it into perspective: let’s say a website that directs a backlink to your page has 6000 viewers per month, and that particular page gets around 2000 views per month… Now, keep in mind that this is just one backlink. Thereby, imagine what 100 or even 1000 backlinks will do for your practices online visibility. You would be considered lucky if even 100 people view your flyers or email outreaches per month.


Citations such as yelp are clicked on more than one would think, as A 2022 study by BrightLocal found that 28% of consumers have clicked on a citation in their search results in the past month, and keep in mind that citations are just one aspect to the digital marketing solution.

Backlinks, for example, account for most all of the traction your website gets. A 2022 study by BrightLocal found that 48% of consumers have clicked on a backlink in their search results in the past month, and remember that some of these high authority websites have thousands of viewers to even hundreds of thousands of viewers per month.

The highly regarded website “backlinko” goes over a website that was able to increase its organic traffic by 110% in just six months after building backlinks from high-quality websites. Another case study discusses a website that was able to increase its organic traffic by 72% in just one year after building backlinks from high-quality websites.

Schema markup, on the other hand, is not necessarily a form of advertisement, rather, a method of captivation in order to get a potential patient to click on your pages URL. One aspect of schema markup is the bio of your web page essentially, and if optimized correctly, does not only captivate clients, but helps improve your ranking position if the correct keywords were put in place. Schema is also done to re enforce to google what your page is about. Schema markup on top of content focused seo optimization becomes a double edged sword that can be vital to your domains success.

However, it is important to note that Schema markup is not easy to implement, and if done incorrectly can be detrimental to the ranking of your website. To help with this, there are a few plugins one can download, such as WP SEO Schema that show you easier ways to do schema for yourself if you do not want a dental SEO team to do it for you, which would be most understandable, and the plugin hummingbird. If you would like guidance in how the plugins are used, let me know and I will accommodate.

Website Design Optimization and On Page SEO content

I decided to group these two up as well, as they go hand in hand regarding a websites general makeup. The precursor to the success a dental practices online presence has starts with your websites design and content. While every other digital advertising method is important, it cannot be done without a website, or prevalent content on that website. So essentially, one needs a website, on page SEO (content), a google my business listing profile next, then finally, schema, backlinks, and citations.

How does a website help online presence more than traditional advertising?

A website in itself does not help more per say, but it is a component in the holistic approach of dental marketing advertising for dentists, one that will eventfully yield grander results than that of the simple approach traditional advertising holds. Still, while establishing online presence is great, how is one able to convert your websites viewers into potential clients? This is where website design and On Page SEO come in.

How Content and web design help conversions rating:

  • A fast website will be convenient to viewers
  • A modern website that stands out will captivate patients
  • 4K pictures will signify professionalism and willingness to spend good money on your practice
  • Content quality tells patients that you have a lot to offer
  • A lot of content shows you have authority and knowledge in the field of dentistry
  • Creating dental guides for patients dealing with post surgery stress can lead them into clicking on your blog and converting into a long lasting patient

Case studies showcasing their significance:

  • Case Study: How a New Website Design Increased Conversions by 200% for a SaaS Company

This case study by A/B testing company VWO discusses how a new website design helped a SaaS company increase conversions by 200%.

  • Case Study: How a Website Redesign Increased Leads by 300% for a B2B Company

This case study by web design company HubSpot discusses how a website redesign helped a B2B company increase leads by 300%. The new website design was more visually appealing and focused on generating leads.

Purchasing Prestigious website design services is of the essence in establishing a reputable and captivating online presence. At The Dental Climb, we have designed many highly regarded websites that have seen great success on Google, note “success on Google”. The reason for this is a quality website is much more likely to yield prolific results than a outdated template, as vindicated from the study by WebFX that found that websites with a captivating design had a 75% higher conversion rate than websites with a bland design.

Advertising For Dentists | The Dental Climb

What Exactly Does A Dental Digital Marketing Agency Do?

A dental SEO company advertising for dentists does all of these and more, such as providing dentists with a dental marketing audit free of charge, inbound link optimization, Live chat implementation, utilizing targeted keywords (semantic keywords), backlinks for SEO, mobile device optimization, and more; all components in providing clients with positive search engine rankings.

If you are hesitant to invest in dental SEO, don’t be. There are sketchy companies out there who do not even provide clients with contracts before the SEO or web designing process. However, a quality SEO company can seriously help in strengthening your online reputation.

Advertising For Dentists | The Dental Climb

Finding a company that:

  • Is willing to work with your unique goals and strategies
  • provides affordable SEO costs and website design pricing
  • transparency in their analytical tools and studies
  • offers refunds if you do not rank
  • Goes over their SEO approach
  • uploads weekly blog content
  • lists citations, creates schema markup, and provides quality backlinks
  • GMB optimization
  • Has over 20 website templates at their disposal
  • captivating landing pages for clients
  • provides free audits even if you are not their client
  • sends you a contract before purchasing operations
  • answers emails and phone calls asap

Then at the bare minimum, if they do all of this, you are in good hands. While it is difficult to find a company willing to compromise and provide a multitude of effective advertising methods to clients, we at The Dental Climb, the creators of this blog, provide these approaches and more to clients purchasing SEO. Do not hesitate in giving us a phone call, email, or message through text or even social media, as we will happily answer whatever questions you might have regarding the subject.

Advertising For Dentists | The Dental Climb

How much should these dental SEO companies advertising for dentists charge?

A dental SEO agency should not charge over $10000 dollars a month, especially if they do not provide citations, backlinks, schema, or showcase any of their agencies site tools. However, while a dental SEO company that charges too high is a red flag in itself, charging too little is even worse, as no SEO strategies can be implemented if you do not have paid site tools, 4K image generating subscriptions, paid plugins, and paid hosting servers for your website domain. Subscriptions for each can go up to hundreds of dollars a month  for each individual plan, so if you see an SEO company charging one time fees or monthly fees lesser than $500, then concerns should be raised

A study provided by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) found that SEO companies that charge too little are more likely to be scammy. The study found that 60% of SEO companies that charged less than $500 per month were found to be engaged in fraudulent or deceptive practices. Some glaring red flags can even go up to $1500 depending on what is incorporated into the respective package.

At The Dental Climb, we offer SEO packages for multiple budgets, so if you are interested, be sure to check them out when you have the time. An Image of what is included in our pricing packages will be provided directly below this text:

Advertising For Dentists | The Dental Climb

Do Dentists Need a Digital Marketing Company?

While it is wise to go with a dental SEO agency with experience to help in optimizing your website, it is perfectly fine for you to be your own content manager in your SEO endeavors. I go over how this is done in a handful of my recent blogs, covering the best tools for technical SEO, and the easiest steps in approaching SEO optimization. My years of experience in trial and error and SEO study has helped me come to those conclusions listed in my blogs. More blogs covering SEO guides are being created weekly as I type this out, so again, if you would like to do SEO yourself, I will do my best in explaining how the process is done.

However, it is still best to at least consult with a marketing team that does advertising for dentists, as they have years of experience and dozens of site tools, website coders, website templates, and established strategies at their disposal. If you do not want to spend an extended period of time learning the ins and outs of SEO, and want to instead rank faster, contacting a SEO company that specializes in advertising for dentists, maybe even us at The Dental Climb, should be taken into some consideration. However, I do accommodate for independent dentist, so I hope you take some enjoyment out of some of my SEO blogs.

If you do not want to go to my other blogs right now, then you should at least take these On Page SEO tips and External SEO approaches into consideration that you might want to do research over later:

  • utilize, if you have no coding experience, the WordPress page builder
  • create at the minimum, 750-1000 words of content per article/blog
  • add semantically related keywords into your blogs from the SEMrush “SEO content template”
  • incorporate multiple 4k pictures in your blogs
  • internal link your pages
  • download Yoast SEO plugin to optimize meta descriptions, title tags, and much more for your website and how it is viewed from the Google results page
  • purchase the best SEO site tools such as SEMrush and ahrefs to find SEO evergreen keywords to rank for, and spend money on subscriptions from image generating sites, such as Freepik, Adobe, Shuttershock, and much more.
  • outreach to companies in your niche, or related to your niche to acquire backlinks from (done through site tools)
  • launch through Yoast. get the XML sitemap from yoast and upload it to the google search console
  • when you launch, go on google search console to see what pages are indexed and your sites ranking positions
  • install monsterinsights plugin to track conversion rating
  • create a GMB listing when you launch your website
  • creating a staging through your hosting server when you edit your website after launch, then once you finish editing, merge the edited site with the first one. I do this through site ground, which is one of the many hosting servers out there
Advertising For Dentists | The Dental Climb

Studies That Show Traditional Marketing Effectiveness

We have scrutinized the overall effectiveness of traditional marketing tactics, but that doesn’t go without saying that traditional advertising for dentists should be disposed of completely. The reality of the matter is, both practices can be utilized together in a holistic manner, but solely using outdated, more so “door to door” approaches should not be done out of reliance but rather, a secondary boost to increase brand visibility rather than trying to use it to garner a large number of patients. Here are the studies that go over the pros of traditional advertising, and then I shall be going over the typical cost for traditional advertising for dentists based on how much one should spend on it.

Moz Domain Authority Study 2023

  • This study was conducted by Moz, a leading SEO software company. The study analyzed the domain authority of 1 million websites and found that companies that used traditional advertising in conjunction with SEO had a higher average domain authority than companies that only used SEO.

A study by SEMrush

  • The study also found that the benefits of using traditional advertising in conjunction with SEO were even greater for competitive keywords. Companies that used traditional advertising in conjunction with SEO had an average CTR that was 30% higher than companies that only used SEO for competitive keywords.

It is clear that traditional advertising for dentists has its perks, but mostly in junction to SEO, as that is what the provided case studies testify.

Advertising For Dentists | The Dental Climb

Should I optimize traditional advertising for dentists methods?

Yes, but do not spend too much on it. You want to utilize traditional tactics sparingly AFTER, and i say this in all caps out of emphasis, your SEO endeavors yield positive results. You do not want to go over spending and depleting your bank account, rather, have patience and wait till the main SEO advertising approach goes into effect until you utilize other traditional door to door type strategies.

How much should I spend on Traditional dental marketing?

No more than 2% of your budget, or in some cases, revenue should be spent on traditional dental marketing, as those tactics again, are considered outworn as a primary approach. According to a study by the American Dental Association, the average dentist in the United States spends around 2% of their revenue on traditional marketing. This, coming from a credible source, conveys the message that traditional advertising for dentists, while still utilized, is no longer the focus to advertising ones dental practices online presence.

Advertising For Dentists | The Dental Climb

Studies That Show PPC Marketing Effectiveness

PPC advertising for dentists is a difficult method to properly assess, as there are many studies that say it is very effective, but it is also widely acknowledge around the digital advertising industry, as sources testify this, that PPC is not a long term solution, as once it is over, client inflow will come to a halt.

PPC is essentially Google ads, and PPC stands for “Paid per click”, meaning every click on your website is a dollar out of pocket. This does not seem like such a bad thing, and to tell you the truth, if your landing page is good, it isn’t. Sure you will lose a lot of money during this process, as most all websites have a bounce rate near 50 percent, but that doesn’t mean the ads won’t have effect, for they do work while the ad is up.

Advertising For Dentists | The Dental Climb

Studies showcasing Google PPC effectiveness:

  • A study by WordStream found that Google Ads campaigns had an average click-through rate (CTR) of 1.91%.


  • A study by Clutch found that 70% of small businesses said that Google Ads was their most effective marketing channel.


  • A study by Think with Google found that 56% of consumers said that Google Ads helped them to discover new products and services.

As shown from these studies, Google ads can play a significant role in bolstering brand visibility for your website, and if again, your websites landing page is captivating, then you will get positive conversions off of Google ads.

However, it is important to note that, while Google ads can work in helping your business achieve brand visibility with a appealing landing page, this is not always the case. Sometimes, you will have competitors repeatedly clicking on your site without converting to drive up your revenue; a common practice that is omnipresent in the industry. On top of this, sometimes there are far too many ads for the same search query stacked on top of each other, therefore, the likelihood that your conversion percentage is lower is substantial, and as a consequence of the ubiquity of ads under the search query, people will be more inclined to scroll down to the ranked websites on Googles search engine, as the ads might be deemed as “spammy” if there is a surplus under the same search term.

Advertising For Dentists | The Dental Climb

Studies showcasing Google PPC ineffectiveness 

Here are some studies that show that some people consider Google Ads to be spammy:

  • A YouGov study found that 54% of people found Google Ads to be annoying or intrusive.
  • A study by HubSpot found that 43% of people found Google Ads to be irrelevant to their interests.
  • A study by Clutch found that 38% of people found Google Ads to be misleading or deceptive.

Even though a majority of people don’t necessarily view Google Ads spammy, there is still a sizeable amount of people who do.

There are a few reasons why some people may consider Google Ads to be spammy:

  • Some Google Ads can be irrelevant to the user’s search query.
  • Some Google Ads can be misleading or deceptive.
  • Some Google Ads can be intrusive or annoying.

Here are some studies that show that Google Ads can lead to a loss of revenue:

  • A study by Wordstream found that 69% of small businesses have lost money on Google Ads.
  • A study by Clutch found that 56% of small businesses say that Google Ads is not a good value for the money.
  • A study by eMarketer found that the average click-through rate for Google Ads is only 1.91%.

Here are some studies that show that competitors may repeatedly click on your website:

  • A study by ClickCease found that 30% of Google Ads clicks are from competitors.
  • A study by AdWords Compass found that 23% of Google Ads advertisers have experienced click fraud from competitors.
  • A study by SEMrush found that 18% of Google Ads advertisers have seen their competitors click on their ads more than 10 times in a day.

It is important to note that these sources are very reputable and have made noteworthy contributions to the online marketing community, most notably of them being SEMrush, Clutch, and Wordstream.

PPC is a slippery slope, as there are studies that convey its effectiveness for business owners, but at the same time, there have been cases of click fraud, scummy tactics, and just general ineffectiveness displayed throughout Google ads as proven by multiple sources. Because of it’s unreliability, we at The Dental Climb do not go out of our way to provide Google ads as a means of advertising for dentists. However, we can set you up a landing page if that is really your desire, but nonetheless, I would advise against using Google ads before SEO, as if it does go sour, a lot of money will have been expended for little to no everlasting results.

Advertising For Dentists | The Dental Climb

Key Points To Take Away From Dental Advertising

Advertising For Dentists | The Dental Climb
Advertising For Dentists | The Dental Climb

In short, as we move towards a digital world, online businesses, marketing, and in general, establishing online presence is of the essence in getting clients, customers, patients, and all things needed to uphold ones establishment. The way to properly optimize advertising for dentists is SEO for dentists through content focused methods, schema markup, backlink SEO focus, and all things under the realm of SEO and even website design. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask our dental SEO team, as we would be more than happy to not only answer your inquiry, but to work with you on this dental search engine optimization journey.

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