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Websites we ranked on Google:

Implementing our expert strategies tailored to your success, practices such as Best Dental, located in Richmond, Tx, and Wisdom Teeth Factory, located in Houston, Tx, both saw a massive influx in newfound patients into their respective practices thanks to our teams expertise in Search Engine Optimization. Here at The Dental Climb, we prioritize quality above all else; making sure to accommodate all clients that decide to put their trust in us with a beautifully designed and highly effective website. Scroll down below to assess a handful of newly written reviews directed towards the practices that we ranked on Google.

Dental SEO Case Studies | The Dental Climb
Our sites are built for success

Positive testimonials directed towards “Best Dental”:

This is a really beautiful office. It has a relaxing atmosphere that really takes the edge off any dental work you get. I needed two dental extractions, and Dr. Naderi did a great job making sure I felt comfortable during the entire procedure. I will be ready to get my dental implants in a few months.

Jonathan Sanders8/16/2023

This place was the most affordable place to get a dental implant. Just got my new tooth last week, and I could not be happier. I normally don't write reviews, but this place pleasantly surprised me.

Bill Tran8/15/2023

This is the best dental place I’ve been to. The staff are all so kind and caring! I won’t go anywhere else.

Brianna Bryant8/9/2023

They were very sweet to me, even though my anxiety was so high going in they took good care of me and formed an affordable treatment plan for me to continue care. I really appreciate the level of care and the professionalism they offered there.

Dental SEO Case Studies | The Dental Climb

What you can expect from us:

Netting positive ranking results on the Google Search Engine is inevitable with us, and we at The Dental Climb are persistent in doing everything in our power to see that through. Our holistic approach to the Google ranking system is unparallel in the industry, so rest assured that your practice will achieve brand visibility, and can be in no better hands than it would be at The Dental Climb. Scroll down to traverse through a handful of reviews that the “Wisdom Teeth Factory” have documented in the last year commenced from our teams expertise in the field of Digital Marketing.

Our sites are built for success

Positive testimonials directed towards “Wisdom Teeth Factory”:

Amazing experience at Wisdom Teeth Factory. They took out all four of my wisdom teeth in under 20 minutes. I was stunned! I was like is that it? the local anesthetic was the only part that hurt a bit. There was no pain at all during the removal process. 10 stars if I could!

James Cameron5/6/2023

This is my first time ever leaving a Google review!!! The staff was extremely helpful and kind. I came in for a consultation to address my two impacted bottom teeth. I had a lot of anxiety about being sedated so I opted to not be sedated and only receive local anesthesia. I initially thought that not being sedated was not an option for such an invasive wisdom tooth extraction but they responded to my decision with respect and no second thought.

Beja Blanchard8/3/2023

Just had 2 wisdom teeth removed under sedation a week ago. Couldn't be happier. Both my sites are healing nicely. If you need to save $ go see them. You'll thank me later

James Mcdermott7/14/2023

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Additional Dental Website We Ranked at The Top

If you scroll down below, you will see an additional one of our tailored websites currently ranking on the first page of Google. We offer a handful of Modernized and effective page layouts that will get you phone calls in itself, incorporated with search engine optimization strategies, not only asserting aesthetic dominance in the industry, but a ranking one as well.

Our Websites connotate authority and professionalism no matter which layout is used, as all of our clients have vocalized their satisfaction and made their dental practices hefty patient influx known. Our waterflow tactics can not be matched, and this you too shall notice.  

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